Inspection app for commercial & rental fleets

Track damages in your fleet effortlessly

Plan and execute fleet inspections using Android/iOS app or a mobile weblink

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App for drivers, auditors, inspectors

Easy to use, AI assisted inspection

  • Intelligent image capture
  • Customizable checklist
  • Auto damage assessment
  • Android, iOS, Web
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Web dashboard for fleet managers

View and compare damage status

1. Damage management

  • View damage history, manage repair status.

2. Delta

  • View comparison between any two points in time to see the “Delta” or change in vehicle condition (e.g. Onhire vs. Offhire)

3. Repair estimates

  • Calculate repair estimates automatically.
  • Review estimates and approve recharges.
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Web dashboard for fleet admins & managers

View and manage fleet inspections

1. Detailed shareable Inspection reports

  • Drill down into inspections across locations.
  • Download or share detailed inspection reports.

2. Plan and execute

  • Schedule regular inspections and send out weblinks to drivers / users / auditors.
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Integrated with leading fleet and telematics platforms

Seamlessly retrieve data from your fleet management systems.

Option to use our weblinks, SDKs in your inspection apps.

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Vehicle types covered

All the different vehicle’s body-styles we support