Inspection app for commercial & rental fleets

Eliminate unreported damage in your fleet without manual work

  • Guided & accurate image captureĀ 
  • Auto-identify damages using AIĀ 
  • Receive alerts in case of new damages

Make vehicle checks & handovers accurate, simplify damage tracking, increase accountability.

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Trusted by Commercial & Rental Fleets

How It Works

Identify damage & document automatically

ClearQuote AI identifies damage based on inspection images.
Vehicle condition is documented with a listing of every visible damage.

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Get alerted on new damage, minimize manual effort

Damages are auto-categorized as new or pre-existing. Fleet managers get alerts when new damages are identified in any vehicle.

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Simple and accurate inspections without errors

Our app uses real time AI to guide and enforce (even) untrained users to capture the right set of images, so vehicle condition is accurately documented at each inspection.

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Save on fleet admin effort

No more trawling through manual inspection reports, images and files.

Know accurate fleet condition

Accurate inspections, and damage status for all vehicles in the fleet.

Make handovers transparent

Increase accountability, improve driving behavior and safety.