Transparency & Peace of mind

for your customers

Enable contact-less inspection of your vehicles and automated identification of damages using ClearQuote. Zero disputes. Friction-free handover experience.

Simple Workflow

Easy to use workflow designed for customers in a rush

Auto damage identification

No more manual damage identification and annotation. Leave it to our proprietary computer vision technoloy to do this for you

ClearQuote Fleet app screen

Video & Images

Both videos and images can be captured during inspection and analyzed for damages

Easy integration

Integrate our APIs, SDK or use our white labeled app - whatever suits your requirements


Lower inspection costs

Dramatically reduce time taken to inspect a vehicle. Let your customers carry out self-inspections


Your customers can be assured that all damages are recorded and identified using ClearQuote technology

Precise damage tracking

Identify damages as they occur. Vehicle damage history tracked digitally. No worries when it comes to insurance claims
ClearQuote Fleet dashboard

Inspection for all types of fleets

Automate your vehicle inspection process using ClearQuote
Rental Cars

Daily and short term rentals. Inspection by valets or customers.

Shared mobility

Corporate pool car fleets, Free floating car share, can now automate inspections by users before and after each tripĀ 

Leased cars

Provide transparent assessment of damages for end of lease returns. Enable self inspection by customersĀ 

Used cars

Inspection of used cars, re-marketing fleet vehicles for identifying damages now made simpler using ClearQuote.